CineSoma is an immersive art experience combining hypnotic abstract projections and live art.  Custom installations of artist produced hand painted imagery fill every surface of the CineSoma atrium creating an overwhelming sensory environment.  Live art performers engage with the space and participants in ways both curious and compelling to enhance the sense of other worldliness.  CineSoma can be fitted with custom designed sculptural furniture which catches the light whilst comfortably accommodating audiences.



Audiences bath in an ocean of moving colour, form, shaddow and light. Their bodies the projection surface for multiple projectors – at once relaxing and inspiring.  Imagery can be specifically styled to meet specific event and space requirements.  CineSoma makes an exciting alternative to conventional festival chill-out zones, unique theming for events or standalone gallery installations.

For bookings contact Bonnie – 0422 922 406 or email bonnie@ fcmc.org.au