The Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture Inc. (FCMC) is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in Victoria, Australia during 2010.  With our offices based in Jiggi and Sydney, members spanning the east coast of Australia, FCMC’s activities have a national focus.

The FCMC benefits, supports and nurtures both established and emerging artists and their works, with an emphasis on Artists who create works of divergent aesthetics or who are marginalised or disadvantaged.  Our members comprise of arts practitioners and supporters who have a documented history of facilitating the creation and promotion of current art forms on both national and community levels.

At present we have originated several program streams that facilitate these aims:

 Archive   |   Education   |  Space

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President:                    Nick Dan

Vice-President:           Nicola Morton

Secretary:                    Chris Nylstoch

Treasurer:                   Ryko Kalinko

Directors:                     Matt Earle

        Adam Süssmann

        Alex Morrison

To become a member, make a submission to the Archives or offer a financial contribution please contact the Secretary:

 The FCMC is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations and can now offer 100% tax deductions for donations over $2.  To donate, click here