SPACE/SOUND improvised & experimental music workshops offer the chance for individuals to discover and express their musical creativity.

Focusing on the use of sound, texture and noise, outside of traditional musical boundaries, each workshop explores a moment to moment involvement in the music and encourages participants to develop their own musical language.  Combining simple musical exercises with free improvisations, our experienced musical facilitators create open spaces for sonic exploration.

SPACE/SOUND sessions range from half day, full day to three-day intensives.  Our workshops are also fully customizable to suit specific interests and needs, exploring a variety of themes, techniques and instrumentation.



Half Day Workshop  (3 hours)   8-12 people    

For people new to music, the curious or the time poor

The half day workshop provides an introduction to Experimental music theory and practice.  Experienced facilitators provide practical guidance through the use of open compositions.  There is plenty of time to play freely on your chosen instrument – solo, in small groups and finally altogether as an improvising ensemble.  The final session will be recorded and you will be able to keep a copy to share with family and friends.


Full Day Workshop   (6 hours) 10-15 people     

For people with some musical experience, previous Half Day participants and the enthusiastic

The full day workshop delivers a detailed overview of the approaches and techniques used by experimental musicians for composition and performance.  Facilitators will assist you to become familiar with the creative processes of improvised performance and self-directed composition.  There is also time to freely play and develop musical ideas which can be performed for one another at the end of the day in small and large groups.  A recording of the session will be available so you can listen back in your own time.


3 Day Intensive Workshops  (3 x 6 hours)    10-20 people         

For all musicians, previous Full Day participants and the technically minded

Each Intensive Workshop will focus a different experimental music discipline including Extended Technique for Instruments & Voice, Instrument Building, Electronics & Effects, Field recording, Electro-acoustics, Analogue Tape Manipulations, Sound Sculptures, and Circuit Bending.  These sessions will be facilitated by professional artists with expertise in each field to ensure that you can gain practical, specialised skills in experimental music making and performance.  Using a combination of free improvisation and self-directed composition, you will develop your new musical ideas into works that will be presented on the final day in a performance that family and friends are welcome to attend.  The sessions will be documented in both video and audio, and these recordings will be made available so that you can add them to your portfolio.


For more information or to register your interest call Bonnie Hart – Program Manager on 0422 922 406 or email

This is an education initiative of the Foundation for Contemporary Music Inc. with support from Artslink Queensland’s Creative Generator SEQ program.